An Overview of the Science Activities of the NASA Sea Level Change Team (N-SLCT)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014: 8:15 AM
R Steven Nerem, Univ of CO-Aerospace Egrg Sci, Boulder, CO, United States
In 2014, NASA established the Sea Level Change Team (N-SLCT) through selections of principal investigators and their teams via a call for proposals for 3-year investigations. The team has four principle objectives: 1) improve our understanding of current and future sea level rise and its regional variation, 2) improve our understanding of changes in ice mass, both from the polar ice sheets and mountain glaciers, 3) produce new datasets useful to the sea level science research community, and 4) develop a NASA web portal to disseminate sea level research results from NASA’s research programs. There are 20 N-SLCT principal investigators – 9 investigators (and their teams) were selected to cover the four research areas discussed above, plus an additional 11 investigators were selected that are involved in other NASA programs involved in sea level research. This talk will summarize the research activities of the N-SLCT, the plan for the web portal, and the scientists involved in each of these activities. Early science results will be discussed and used to describe the team activities. In addition, potential interactions between the N-SLCT and the sea level science community will be discussed.