Suppression of Pulse Noise in Electromagnetic Seismic Vibrator Data

Thursday, 18 December 2014
Tao Jiang, Xuechun Xu, Haiqing Jia and Zhichao Yang, JLU Jilin University, Changchun, China
Compared with the explosive source conventionally used in seismic exploration, a key feature of vibrator seismic exploration method is that the instantaneous energy input to the underground and destructive are both small, and it is more susceptible by the instantaneous pulse noise in the background and the internal vibrator system (such as electromagnetic noise, shaking noise, etc.). After studied the impact of the pulse noise in the vibrator data, it had been found that the signals could be completely overwhelmed when 1.43% of non-correlated vibrator data is the pulse noise and average intensity is 200. Since the impact of the pulse noise on seismic records is different between vibrator and explosive source. It is difficult to use conventional pulse noise suppression method to suppress the interference of pulse noise of vibrator records. Based on the amplitude difference between the valid signal and the pulse noise in non-related record, this paper presents a method of the Suppression of Pulse Noise in the Pre-correlated Domain (SPNPD). The method is applied to the pulse noise of the synthetic data and the field record, and the result indicated that the proposed method could effectively suppress the pulse noise and improve the quality of vibrator record.