Comparison of reactive transport model predictions for natural attenuation processes occurring at chlorinated solvent contaminated site

Thursday, 18 December 2014
Hao-Min Chiu, Chia-Hsing Tsai, Keng-Hsin Lai and Jui-Sheng Chen, NCU, Jhongli City, Taoyua, Taiwan
Prediction of an analytical model and numerical model, namely BIOCLOR and HYDRODEOCHEM, for a test scenario involving the natural attenuations of dissolved solvent at chlorinated contaminated site are compared. Two models make same predictions for PCE, TCE and DCE and considerable different predictions for VC and ETH for the case of all species having identical retardation factors. Significant discrepancies between two models are observed for all species when retardation coefficients are considered to be different for all species. These differences can be attributed to the basic assumption that all the species have the same retardation factors embedded in BIOCHLOR.