UQLab - A Software Platform for Uncertainty Quantification of Complex System Models

Monday, 15 December 2014
Chen Wang, Qingyun Duan and Wei Gong, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
UQLab (Uncertainty quantification Laboratory) is a flexible, user-friendly software platform that integrates different kinds of UQ methods including experimental design, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis, surrogate modeling and optimization methods to characterize uncertainty of complex system models. It is written in Python language and can run on all common operating systems. UQLab has a graphic user interface (GUI) that allows users to enter commands and output analysis results via pull-down menus. It is equipped with a model driver generator that allows any system model to be linked with the software. The only requirement is to make sure the executable code, control file and output file of interest of a model accessible by the software. Through two geophysics models: the Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting Model (SAC-SMA) and Common Land Model (CoLM), this presentation intends to demonstrate that UQLab is an effective and easy UQ tool to use, and can be applied to a wide range of applications.