Seismo-electromagnetic anomalies observed by Fomosat-1 and GIM TEC during January 27 1999 to July 2004

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Chen Yu Yu and Jann-Yenq G Liu, NCU National Central University of Taiwan, Jhongli, Taiwan
In this study, we examine the pre-earthquake ionospheric anomalies (PEIAs) by the electron density (Ne) and ion temperature (Ti) observed by FORMOSAT-1 (ROCSAT-1) satellite during magnitude greater than 7.0 worldwide earthquakes during 1999-2004. Meanwhile, PEIAs is also currently investigated to have a better understanding of the spatial distribution of the ROCSAT-1 SIPs. Total electron density (TEC) of the global ionosphere map (GIM) confirm that the anomalous feature appear near the epicenters before the earthquakes.