A New Gravity and Magnetics Map of southern Part of the Baltic Sea

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Ali Dehghani, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
During the last 20 years many marine cruises were organized by the University of Hamburg in the southern part of the Baltic Sea. On all these cruises the gravity and magnetics data were collected along profiles. The gravity measurements were carried out using the modern Air and Sea Gravimeter KSS 31M. For the magnetics measurements in the first 10 years a Marine Gradiometer of type GEOMETRICS was deployed. In the last 10 years a modern SEYSPY gradiometer of Marine Magnetics was used.

All collected data were processed uniformly to be able to produce a new gravity and magnetics map of the research area.

The coverage of the data is satisfied for 2-D and 3-D modelling of the crustal structure in the area.

Most of the tectonic units of the structures in the Bays of Mecklenburg, Luebeck and Kiel are observed in the new gravity and magnetics maps.

The results of 2-D and 3-D modelling for some local and regional areas will be presented and discussed.