Cassini Observations of Saturn’s Magnetospheric Cusps

Tuesday, 16 December 2014: 4:24 PM
Jamie Matthew Jasinski1, Christopher Stephen Arridge1, Andrew J Coates2 and Michele Karen Dougherty3, (1)University College London, London, United Kingdom, (2)University College London, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, London, United Kingdom, (3)Imperial College London, Blackett Laboratory, London, United Kingdom
Magnetopause reconnection allows direct entry for magnetosheath plasma into the magnetosphere along newly opened field lines. The cusp is a funnel shaped structure in the high latitude dayside magnetosphere through which this plasma enters. In this paper we discuss cusp observations at Saturn made during the whole Cassini mission, focusing on in situ plasma and magnetic field measurements. Typical terrestrial cusp signatures include energy-latitude ion dispersions and diamagnetic depressions. A comparison of these characteristics between the terrestrial and the saturnian cusp is made. We also discuss the implications on the process of reconnection at Saturn this work has; with a brief comparison of different planetary cusp observations, with expectations for the Juno Mission.