A primary research on marine magnetic disturbance using GPS precise point positioning

Thursday, 18 December 2014
Ying Liu and Xiaowen Luo, Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanographic Administration of China, Hangzhou, China
Marine magnetic survey is an important mean of geophysical exploration. The magnetic disturbance magnitude, the start and end time, and perfecting magnetic disturbance model are important for magnetic survey. In this paper, on the basis of that dual-frequency GNSS is able to get the ionospheric total electron contentreflect the nature of the magnetic disturbance characteristicsEtc. the study of magnetic disturbance correction in marine magnetism measurements using dual-frequency GNSS is carried out. Through quality controlled by the dual-frequency GNSS phase observations, ionospheric total electron content solved by static and dynamic at slant direction. Comparing the solving with geomagnetic observatories and marine magnetic measurements, the solution showed that there is relatively strong correlation between ionospheric total electron content and marine magnetic surveys. This fact helps to perfect magnetic interference correction model and improve the accuracy of magnetic measurement. Also it is a good foundation for the application of GNSS to carry out new areas.