THE LITHOSPHERIC MAGNETIC FIELD ALONG THE NISHAN-GUYANG PROFILE, CHINA 6 datesYuan Jiehao1; Gu Zuowen1; Chen Bin1; Xu Rugang2; Wang Lie2; Wang Can1 1. Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration(IGP CEA), 2. Anhui Earthquake Administration

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Jiehao Yuan, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing, China
In order to research the lithospheric magnetic field and the magnetization structure, the geomagnetic field was surveyed along the Nishan-Guyang profile with 900 km long in the Neimenggu and Shanxi provinces in China. The distance between the adjacent geomagnetic sites is about 7 km along the profile. The geomagnetic data were analyzed, and the lithospheric magnetic field was obtained. Using the upward continuation method, the geomagnetic anomalies in different depths were obtained: the basement anomaly, the upper crust anomaly and the superficial anomaly. Basing on these geomagnetic anomalies, the magnetization structure was obtained by using the software of the ModelVision 11.0. The preliminary results show: (1) The geomagnetic anomalies have good relationship with the local geological structure. (2) The magnetization structure is related to the depth variation of the Curie interface, the values of the magnetic susceptibility, the seismic activity and the tectonic block.