Overview of Radiation Belt Storm Probes Ion Composition Experiment (RBSPICE): Data Access and Science Results

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Lawrence E Brown1, Jerry Wayne Manweiler2, J. Douglas Patterson2, Matina Gkioulidou1, Aleksandr Y Ukhorskiy1, Andrew J Gerrard3, Donald G Mitchell1, Louis J Lanzerotti3 and Anthony Lui1, (1)Applied Physics Laboratory Johns Hopkins, Laurel, MD, United States, (2)Fundamental Technologies, LLC, Lawrence, KS, United States, (3)New Jersey Institute of Technology, Edison, NJ, United States
The Van Allen Probes Mission includes the Radiation Belt Storm Probes Ion Composition Experiment (RBSPICE) energetic particle detectors, one on each of the two spacecraft. These detectors are performing in-situ observations of the Proton spectra (6.7 KeV thru 532 KeV), Helium spectra (33 KeV thru 584 KeV), Oxygen spectra (50 KeV thru 1.25 MeV), generic ion spectra (40 KeV thru 1 MeV), and electron spectra (20 KeV thru 1 MeV). While the primary target of the RBSPICE instruments is the ring current composition, the instruments are operational through all aspects of the orbit of each spacecraft. This poster presents a summary of the major RBSPICE science results as well as an overview of the highest level RBSPICE data products produced, the RBSPICE data visualization and analysis software, and links to access everything online.