Dissociative Recombination of N2+

Thursday, 18 December 2014
Steven L Guberman, Inst Scientific Research, Winchester, MA, United States
Theoretically determined rate constants for the dissociative recombination of N2+ with an electron (e-) i.e. N2+ + e- N + N, are reported for each of the lowest 5 vibrational levels of the ion. The rate constants resolve a thirty year old mystery in aeronomy concerning the disagreement between the measured N2+ ionospheric density and that predicted by models. This is the first report by either experiment or theory of rate constants for excited N2+ vibrational levels. It is also the first report of electron energy dependent rate constant uncertainties. A least squares fit to the calculated dissociative recombination rate constant for v = 0 is 2.2 x 10-7 x (Te/300)-0.33 (+0.3 x 10-7 x (Te/300)-1.0, -0.2 x 10-7 x (Te/300)-0.1) cm3/sec for electron temperatures between 100 and 3000 K and is in excellent agreement with experiment.