GOCE Payload Data Processing After End of Satellite Life

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Loretta Mizzi1, Bjoern Frommknecht2, Rune Floberghagen2, Marco Meloni3 and Alberto Bigazzi3, (1)Telespazio, Rome, Italy, (2)European Space Research Institute, Frascati, Italy, (3)Serco, Rome, Italy
Since the launch of GOCE in March 2009 until the re-entry in November 2013 about 42 months of gravity gradient data were collected, processed and distributed to the user community. Although the satellite life has come to an end, the exploitation of the GOCE data are still on-going and very interesting results from different disciplines are being generated. This paper focused on three different topic: (1) Brief overview of release 5 of the GOCE gravity field models and access to the model data, (2) GOCE+ research program lates results and (3) results on GOCE GPS receiver performance analysis during low-orbit phase.