Partnerships: One Strategy for Meeting Big Data Challenges

Monday, 15 December 2014
Cynthia L Chandler, Robert C Groman, Danie Kinkade, Adam Shepherd, Molly D Allison, Shannon Rauch, Peter H Wiebe and David M Glover, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst, Woods Hole, MA, United States
In late 2006 staff members from the previously independent US Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (US JGOFS) and US GLOBal Ocean ECosystems Dynamics (US GLOBEC) data management offices joined forces and received funding from the US National Science Foundation to provide data management support to ocean science researchers. The transition from providing dedicated, project-specific data management services to supporting a broader research community data facility has necessitated understanding of and adaptation to evolving needs. One of the strategies that has proven to be very effective is the formation of partnerships with other groups doing complementary work. Staff members at BCO-DMO have formed collaborative partnerships with others to support our primary research community efficiently and in a way that covers the full research data life cycle. Examples will be provided that highlight ways in which such partnerships have enhanced the work done by BCO-DMO, and also ways in which BCO-DMO activities have contributed to broader national and global initiatives. One of the clear benefits of collaboration with other groups is the opportunity for identification of shared challenges, strategies and solutions and the increased likelihood of developing interoperable systems.