Searching for Appropriate Data and Parameters for Effective Representation of Ionospheric Dynamics; Modelling and Observational Results over the African Sector

Monday, 15 December 2014
John Bosco Habarulema1,2, Zama Thobeka Katamzi1, Lee-Anne McKinnell1 and Matamba Tshimangadzo1,2, (1)South African National Space Agency, Hermanus, South Africa, (2)Rhodes University, Department of Physics and Electronics, Grahamstown, South Africa
We report on the ongoing efforts of modelling and characterising the ionospheric dynamics over the African sector. We have investigated the usage of a combination of data sources (GPS, ionosonde, radio occultation) along with other geophysical parameters such as magnetic and solar activities to generate realistic ionospheric behaviour for both scientific understanding and application purposes.

However a number of outstanding questions remain such as capturing all storm phases, and accurate validation of some data sources. This is in addition to complicated electrodynamics over the African sector coupled with significant data-gaps that hinder the development of truly representative modelling approaches. Our ultimate aim is to develop a model that can be used for accurately representing the ionospheric behaviour and can be utilised as a space weather product for application purposes. In this presentation, the current modelling options under investigation for ionospheric modelling and mapping over the African sector will be discussed.