Mesozoic-Cenozoic thermal evolution of lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton: evidence from REE-in-two-pyroxene temperatures of mantle xenoliths

Thursday, 18 December 2014
Chunguang Wang1,2, Wenliang Xu1 and Yan Liang2, (1)JLU Jilin University, Changchun, China, (2)Brown University, Providence, RI, United States
Thermal state is an important property for us to understand the nature of the lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton (NCC). Traditionally, it was obtained by calculating equilibrium temperatures for the mantle xenoliths using thermometers based on major element compositions of coexisting minerals. A REE-in-two-pyroxene thermometer developed by Liang et al. (2013) is able to extract near-solidus temperatures´╝îwhich can deduce the thermal histories of mantle rocks in combination with major-element-in-two-pyroxene temperatures (Tmaj). We calculated REE temperatures (TREE) for mantle samples from the NCC including ancient refractory peridotites entrained by Early Cretaceous high-Mg diorites from the central NCC (Fushan), Mantle pyroxenites entrained by Early Cretaceous basalts from the eastern NCC (Feixian and Fangcheng), and fertile/moderately depleted peridotites entrained by <100 Ma basalts from the central and eastern NCC. The Fushan peridotites have low Tmaj (<880°C) and mismatched high TREE (780-1150°C), indicating that the ancient mantle was subjected to melt-rock reactions. The Feixian and Fangcheng pyroxenites have both high Tmaj (>890°C) and high TREE - Tmaj values (80-220°C), suggestive of a hot and fast-cooled mantle in Early Cretaceous. The peridotites in <100 Ma basalts have similar TREE and Tmaj, characteristics of well-equilibrated mantle.

Based on the thermometric data, we suggest that the transition of nature of the NCC lithospheric mantle is marked by the interaction between ancient lithospheric mantle and hot melt derived from recycling lower crust in Early Cretaceous. After that a fertile mantle was accreted from upwelling asthenosphere, which accomplished the replacement of the NCC lithsospheric mantle.


Liang et al., 2013, A REE-in-two-pyroxene thermometer for mafic and ultramafic rocks. Geochimica et Cosmochimia Acta 102, 246-260.