Atmospheric nitrate discharge processes in rainfall events at forested watersheds: The availability of atmospheric nitrate for forested ecosystem

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Ken'ichi Osaka1, Tatsuro Kugo1, Takashi Nakamura2, Kei Nishida3 and Osamu Nagafuchi1, (1)University of Shiga Prefec, Hikone, Japan, (2)University of YAMANASHI, Kofu-Shi, Japan, (3)The University of Yamanashi, Yamanashi, Japan
Recently, there are several studies that focused the nitrate source discharged from forested watersheds and alpine watershed by using oxygen isotopes of nitrate. In these studies, large part of nitrate discharged from forest watersheds originated from nitrification in base flow, while atmospheric nitrate contribution increased in storm flow. However, there are few studies that quantitatively focused on the source of nitrate discharged from forest watersheds at storm events. To quantify the atmospheric nitrate discharge from forested watersheds were important for considering of nitrogen cycle in forested ecosystem because atmospheric nitrate discharge can regard as the non-available nitrate for forested ecosystem. In this study, we conduct the observation of several storm events and quantitatively clarify the source of nitrate discharged from forest ecosystems at storm events.