'Taming Violently Erupting Volcanoes;' Volcanoes which Erupt Violently, need to be Tamed to Reduce their Destructive Capabilities

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Salvatore A Cimorelli, Energetic Technologies, Phoenixville, PA, United States
After witnessing the deadly forces of volcanic eruptions as occurred from Mount Saint Helen in the U.S. and Mount Eyjofjallajokull in Iceland, which can cause so much death and destruction, it became obvious that, 'If we could reduce the forces involved we could reduce the catastrophic results significantly.' Typically, most of the volcanoes in Hawaii do not erupt as violently because they seem to be erupting and flowing on a somewhat regularly continuous basis or schedule.

Our paper is suggesting a method, or many methods, by which the pressure buildup will be limited to substantially lower levels, than those which occur at present, by various procedures, before the actual eruption. We are suggesting that when we tame the highly destructive volcanoes' eruptions, we can reduce the effects which can ground more than a 100,000 flights; as occurred by Mount Eyjofjallajokull, back in 2010.

It is critically important to be able to sense, measure, record and analyze the various conditions leading to the volcanic eruption.