Evolution of large amplitude Alfven waves in solar wind plasmas: Kinetic-fluid models

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Yasuhiro Nariyuki, University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan
Large amplitude Alfven waves are ubiquitously observed in solar wind plasmas. Mjolhus(JPP, 1976) and Mio et al(JPSJ, 1976) found that nonlinear evolution of the uni-directional, parallel propagating Alfven waves can be described by the derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equation (DNLS). Later, the multi-dimensional extension (Mjolhus and Wyller, JPP, 1988; Passot and Sulem, POP, 1993; Gazol et al, POP, 1999) and ion kinetic modification (Mjolhus and Wyller, JPP, 1988; Spangler, POP, 1989; Medvedev and Diamond, POP, 1996; Nariyuki et al, POP, 2013) of DNLS have been reported. Recently, Nariyuki derived multi-dimensional DNLS from an expanding box model of the Hall-MHD system (Nariyuki, submitted). The set of equations including the nonlinear evolution of compressional wave modes (TDNLS) was derived by Hada(GRL, 1993). DNLS can be derived from TDNLS by rescaling of the variables (Mjolhus, Phys. Scr., 2006). Nariyuki and Hada(JPSJ, 2007) derived a kinetically modified TDNLS by using a simple Landau closure (Hammet and Perkins, PRL, 1990; Medvedev and Diamond, POP, 1996). In the present study, we revisit the ion kinetic modification of multi-dimensional TDNLS through more rigorous derivations, which is consistent with the past kinetic modification of DNLS. Although the original TDNLS was derived in the multi-dimensional form, the evolution of waves with finite propagation angles in TDNLS has not been paid much attention. Applicability of the resultant models to solar wind turbulence is discussed.