Global 3-D Hybrid Simulations of Lunar Wake Including Reflections off Moon's Surface

Friday, 19 December 2014
Martin Jilek1,2 and Pavel M. Travnicek2, (1)Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic, (2)Astronomical Institute, AS CR, Prague, Czech Republic
We present results from global three dimensional hybrid simulations of solar wind interaction with the Moon and compare our results with recent in-situ observations made by ARTEMIS (NASA) spacecrafts and with Kaguya (ISAS/JAXA) measurements from 2008. The structure of plasma void formed downstream the Moon and refilled by ambient plasma is examined under different solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field conditions. We analyze kinetic effects in the lunar wake and within the boundary of plasma void. We focus in detail on the effects caused by charged particles reflected off the surface. We study the dynamics of these reflected particles and their influence on the lunar plasma environment considering different reflection models. Comparing the simulations with real data from Kaguya we determine the most appropriate model for reflections.