Predicting the high-speed-stream caused Bs events using the Current Sheet Source Surface Model

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Bala Poduval, Space Science Institute Boulder, Boulder, CO, United States and Xuepu Zhao, Stanford University, HEPL, Stanford, CA, United States
It is well known that geomagnetic storm is generated by the "Bs event",
i.e., the long-duration strong southward HMF component in the geocentric
coordinate system. One kind of Bs events is formed by the ambient
long-duration weak southward HMF component compressed by the high-speed
solar wind streams. The Current Sheet Source Surface (CSSS) model can be
used to predict when and where the high-speed stream occurs and, also,
to predict when the ambient long-duration weak Bs component occurs based
on the location of the Earth. This work is an investigation of the
prediction probability of this kind of Bs event.