Mechanical Properties of Constituent Phases in Meteorites

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Kavan Hazeli, James D Hogan, Charles El Mir and K. T. Ramesh, Johns Hopkins University, Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI), Baltimore, MD, United States
The strength, failure and fragmentation of planetary materials play important roles in determining the consequence of asteroid collisions. Following disruption, additional mechanisms (i.e., thermal erosion, continued impact) may occur. Understanding the short-duration, impact failure and its failure processes are important when interpreting these catastrophic impacts is of interest. In addition, determining physical and mechanical properties of asteroids and lunar rock components could potentially provide an insightful knowledge about the mechanistic driven events that lead to formation and evolution of solar system. In this study, we investigate the stress-state and strain-rate dependent behavior of meteorite (GRO 85209). The mechanical response of the meteorite’s constituent phases are evaluated and linked to the failure processes.