Games and Simulations for Climate, Weather and Earth Science Education

Friday, 19 December 2014: 10:50 AM
Randy M Russell, UCAR, Learning Lab, Boulder, CO, United States
We will demonstrate several interactive, computer-based simulations, games, and other interactive multimedia. These resources were developed for weather, climate, atmospheric science, and related Earth system science education. The materials were created by the UCAR Center for Science Education. These materials have been disseminated via our web site (SciEd.ucar.edu), webinars, online courses, teacher workshops, and large touchscreen displays in weather and Sun-Earth connections exhibits in NCAR's Mesa Lab facility in Boulder, Colorado.

Our group has also assembled a web-based list of similar resources, especially simulations and games, from other sources that touch upon weather, climate, and atmospheric science topics. We'll briefly demonstrate this directory.

More info available at: scied.ucar.edu/events/agu-2014-games-simulations-sessions