Web-based Quality Control Tool used to validate CERES products on a cluster of Linux servers

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Churngwei Chu1, Sunny Sun-Mack1, Elizabeth Heckert1, Yan Chen1, Pamela Mlynczak1, Cristian Mitrescu1 and David Doelling2, (1)Science Systems and Applications, Inc. Hampton, Hampton, VA, United States, (2)NASA Langley Research Center, E302, Hampton, VA, United States
There have been a few popular desktop tools used in the Earth Science community to validate science data. Because of the limitation on the capacity of desktop hardware such as disk space and CPUs, those softwares are not able to display large amount of data from files.This poster will talk about an in-house developed web-based software built on a cluster of Linux servers. That allows users to take advantage of a few Linux servers working in parallel to generate hundreds images in a short period of time. The poster will demonstrate:(1) The hardware and software architecture is used to provide high throughput of images. (2) The software structure that can incorporate new products and new requirement quickly. (3) The user interface about how users can manipulate the data and users can control how the images are displayed.