Radiogenic Heat Production in the Gölcük Caldera and Direkli, Isparta Angle (Southwest Anatolia)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Nurten Ayten Uyanik and Iskender Akkurt, Organization Not Listed, Washington, DC, United States
The study area is included of the Gölcük volcanism and its around that is located in Isparta province of Turkey's Mediterranean region. The Gölcük volcanism is a young volcanism. This volcanism around is available the andesite, trachy andesite, tuff, pumice and such a geological units.

In this study was researched radiogenic heat production of the Gölcük caldera and Direkli fields of the Isparta-Türkiye. 1390 data was obtained in the study area. These data were collected using in-situ measurements with gamm-ray spectrometer. These measurements were covered natural radioactive elements (Uranium U, Thorium Th and Potassium K). Radiogenic heat production values were calculated using the literature relationships and in-situ measurement values of these radioactive elements. Radiogenic heat map of study area were obtained using radiogenic heat production values. While red zone areas of map gives of highest heat values, green zones areas of the map presents lowest heat values, for study area according to this map.

*This study is supported by Tübitak with the project number 112Y145.