Smart Oceans BC: Supporting Coastal and Ocean Natural Hazards Mitigation for British Columbia

Monday, 15 December 2014
Kate Moran1,2, Tania Lado Insua2, Benoit Pirenne2, Maia Hoeberechts1,2 and Scott McLean2, (1)University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada, (2)Ocean Networks Canada, Victoria, BC, Canada
Smart Oceans BC is a new multi-faceted program to support decision-makers faced with responding to natural disasters and hazards in Canada's Province of British Columbia. It leverages the unique capabilities of Ocean Networks Canada's cabled ocean observatories, NEPTUNE and VENUS to enhance public safety, marine safety and environmental monitoring.

Smart Oceans BC combines existing and new marine sensing technology with its robust data management and archive system, Oceans 2.0, to deliver information and science for good ocean management and responsible ocean use. Smart Oceans BC includes new ocean observing infrastructure for:

  • public safety, through natural hazard detection for earthquake groundshaking and near-field tsunamis;
  • marine safety, by monitoring and providing alerts on sea state, ship traffic, and marine mammal presence; and
  • environmental protection, by establishing baseline data in critical areas, and providing real-time environmental observations.

Here we present the elements of this new ocean observing initiative that are focused on tsunami and earthquake early warning including cabled and autonomous sensor systems, real-time data delivery, software developments that enable rapid detection, analytics used in notification development, and stakeholder engagement plans.