On the Comparison of EuroCORDEX and ENSEMBLES RT3 Ensembles - Has New Generation of Simulations Improved the Results?

Friday, 19 December 2014
Tomas Halenka1, Michal Belda1, Zuzana Klukova1, Jaroslava Kalvova1 and Petr Skalak2, (1)Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, (2)Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
Basic assessment of the ensemble of available EuroCORDEX simulations is provided in terms of monthly mean analysis of surface temperature and precipitation monthly amount. Both ERA-Interim perfect boundary conditions simulations and historical runs driven by different GCMs from CMIP5 are validated against E-OBS data and compared. Models of both resolutions (0.11 and 0.44) are used for the analysis. The results are presented in terms of the maps and the areal statistics within the PRUDENCE regions, which are compared to ENSEMBLES RT3 models results. There is good agreement in temperature between the models and quite a similar rather narrow spread in both ensembles in annual cycle, while for precipitation there are still quite similar problems in both ensembles with annual cycle spread in some regions, mostly during summer season. There are still some models with rather poor reproduction of annual cycle of precipitation in some European regions. Future simulations climate change signal is assessed as well.