Numerical Simulation Analysis of Deformation Effect of The Upper Mantle Flow to Ordos and Its Surroundings

Friday, 19 December 2014
Shi Yun, Liu Chun Ping and Ding Qi, Organization Not Listed, Washington, DC, United States
Ordos block is a typical representative of cratonic lithosphere in North China. It is stable in the block ,but around the block there are a series of faulted basins and folded mountains, the new tectonic movement around the block is intense. Some scholars propose that the upper mantle flow is an important factor to the extension activity of the fault zone around the block. But it has never been discussed in detail that how the upper mantle flow affects the movement and deformation around Ordos block? A 3D viscoelastic modeling is realized for studying the deformation effect of the upper mantle flow to Ordos and its surroundings, based on the comprehensive geological and geophysical data ,such as 3d rheological structure, the active blocks of China, thermal structure, shear wave splitting, et al. The modeling results indicate that in the vertical direction, compared with the local uplift and depression caused by the compression among the plates, the uplifting of Ordos block as a whole is mainly effected by mantle upwelling. In general the upper mantle surrounding of Ordos block is upwelling, Linfen basin goes up more faster. In the horizontal direction, The general flow direction of upper mantle in the study area is NE, basically the same as Qingzang block movement direction. But there is a bifurcation flow along the southwestern margin of Liupanshan. Generally speaking, the regional deformation is drive mainly by the movement of Qingzang block and adjacent blocks pushing into each other,the deformation effect of the upper mantle flow to Ordos and its surroundings is a superposition and partial adjustment.