Poisson ratio map of Brazil: Data compilation

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
George Franca1, Marcelo Bianchi2, Cesar Pavão1, Lucas P Moreira3, Diogo Farrapo Albuquerque1, Marcelo Peres Rocha1 and Giuliano Sant'Anna Marotta1, (1)UNB University of Brasilia, Asa Norte, Brazil, (2)USP University of Sao Paulo, Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences, São Paulo, Brazil, (3)Catholic University of Brasilia, Civil Engineering Department, Brasilia, Brazil
We present a Poisson ration map of Brazil based on a compilation of data published in the literature as well as new measurements. We only used Poisson ration derived from receiver function analyses deep seismic refraction experiments . Our compilation shows that the crust in the stable continental area onshore has an Poisson ratio of 0.24 +- 0.03. The Poisson ratio highest is found along boundary with three provinces; Sao Francisco craton, Tocantins belt and Parana basin. Prelimary results have not clear difference can be observed between low altitude, intracratonic sedimentary basins, NeoProterozoic foldbelts and cratonic aeas. Although sparse in data coverage, we expect the resulting Poisson ratio map to be useful for future studies of isostasy, constraint, dynamic topography, and crustal evolution of the country.