Sound Velocities and Validity of Birch's Law for Ultra-High Pressure Metals and Ionic Solids

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
David A Boness and Lucas Ware, Seattle University, Department of Physics, Seattle, WA, United States
Recent detection of super-Earths has expanded interest in ultra-high pressure, temperature minerals and elements to help constrain the composition and physical properties of the interiors of these large planets. To understand Earth's interior, Birch's Law and velocity-density systematics has long been important. Recent published DAC experimental measurements of sound velocities in iron are inconsistent with each other with regard to the validity of Birch's Law. We examine the range of validity of Birch's Law for several metallic elements, including iron, and ionic solids shocked into the ultra-high pressure, temperature fluid state and make comparisons to the recent DAC data.