Mining of Solar Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Wednesday, 17 December 2014: 5:27 PM
Rafal Angryk, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, United States
The focus of this talk is on the challenges and opportunities linked to the big data analytics of the Solar Observatory (, which is a flagship of NASA's current "Living with a Star" program. The audience will first learn about the importance of solar data analysis, then about the complexity of data maintained on the servers in our Data Mining Lab ( After that, our three ongoing research projects will be discussed: (1) the Content-based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system for solar data, (2) the development of machine learning techniques for automated validation and expansion of FFT's software modules, and (3) the search for spatio-temporal co-occurrence patterns among different types of solar activity. Finally, we will briefly talk about the future of our solar databases and data mining projects.