Long Term Data Preservation Plan for Jaxa Earth Observation Data

Friday, 19 December 2014
Satoko Miura1, Kaori Kuroiwa2 and Tadao Matsuzaki2, (1)Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Mission Operations System Office (MOSS), Tsukuba, Japan, (2)RESTEC Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Currently, JAXA has two field centers which has operational data management system. The one center is located in Tsukuba (Tsukuba Space Center, TKSC) and the other is in Hatoyama (Eatrh Observation Center, EOC).

By the end of March in 2017, the data management system in EOC will terminate its operation. This also means lots of operators with long-year experience in EOC will disappear. All the master data and related information needs to be moved to TKSC, but just copying data from the existing system to the next system is not enough.

In order to avoid any important information/data loss, we have started to prepare "the Long Term Data Preservation Plan for JAXA EO data" by referring existing plan of other agencies. This plan will cover "what needs to be preserved (data, related information, documents and also including "know-how" of operators)". After preparing this preservation plan, we will also prepare short term work plan in order to migrate data, information and others in EOC to TKSC.

At this meeting, I will introduce the Long Term Data Preservation Plan for JAXA EO data and the short term facility migration plan from the view point of long term data preservation.