New Technologic Development: Tide Station, Static and Towed GPS Buoys for Altimetry Calibration

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Christine Drezen and Michel Calzas, CNRS, INSU, Paris Cedex 16, France
The observation of the sea level variations and the ocean sea surface topography calibration is achieved thanks to a set of specific instruments developped for these missions by Technical Division of INSU (National Institute of Universe Science) in Brest (France). We present the tide recorder and the data transmission station dedicated to in situ measurements of tide and waves signals, the static and towed GPS buoys dedicated to altimetric satellites calibration and absolute sea level determination. Sites equipped with tide recorders and permanent GPS stations are linked to international sea level and tsunamis prevention programs: the GLOSS network for Global sea Level Observing System, and the FOAM project (From Ocean to inland waters Altimetry Monitoring) for CAL/VAL altimetric satellites height calibration.