On-Road Diesel Truck Emissions Measurement and Inventory Development in Chengdu City of China

Monday, 15 December 2014
Junhui Chen and Hong Ye, Sichuan Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Chengdu, China
Real-world emission tests of three diesel trucks were conducted using SEMTECH-EcoStar gas analyzer produced by the US Sensors Company and Mi2 particle analyzer produced by the Finland Pegasor Company. The test duration was one day for each truck and 8813, 10407 and 11102 sets of effective post-processed data were collected for analyzing. The influence of vehicle speed, driving mode and vehicle mass on emission was analyzed and emission rates were calculated. Light-duty and heavy-duty truck activities in Chengdu were studied by survey and statistical analysis. The population of trucks was acquired from the Public Security Department of Sichuan province. Based on the test data and local collected data, this paper calculated an emission inventory of diesel trucks in Chengdu, the economic center of southwestern china. Results showed that the emission rates of CO, NO, THC and PM for the selected vehicles were(0.95~7.54)g/km,(1.03~3.97)g/km,(0.64~0.81)g/km and (0.01~0.07)g/km respectively. The annual vehicle activities of light-duty and heavy-duty trucks in Chengdu were 30,000 km and 44,000 km. The emission inventory of CO, NO, THC and PM in Chengdu were 23,000t/a, 15,000t/a, 4,000t/a and 200t/a.