Joined-up Planetary Information, in the Cloud and on Devices.

Friday, 19 December 2014: 8:45 AM
Matthew J Smith, Stephen Emmott, Drew W Purves, Lucas N Joppa and Vassily Lyutsarev, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, United Kingdom
In scientific research and development, emphasis is placed on research over development. A significant cost is that the two-way interaction between scientific insights and societal needs does not function effectively to lead to impacts in the wider world. We simply must embrace new software and hardware approaches if we are to provide timely predictive information to address global problems, support businesses and inform governments and citizens. The Microsoft Research Computational Science Lab has been pioneering research into software and methodologies to provide useful and usable new environmental information. Our approach has been very joined-up: from accellerating data acquisition from the field with remote sensor technology, targetted data collection and citizen science, to enabling proces based modelling-using multiple heterogeneous data-sets in the cloud and enabling the resulting planetary information to be accessed from any device. This talk will demonstrate some of the specific research and development we are doing to accerate the pace in which important science has impact on the wider world and will emphasise the important insights gained from advancing the research and develoment together.