Investigating the Dependence of Fractal Dimension on Raindrop Size for Drop Arrival Times As Measured By a Two-Dimensional Video Disdrometer

Monday, 15 December 2014
Robert David Lemasters and Michael Larsen, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC, United States
There is empirical evidence that large raindrop arrival times are not perfectly random. As a way to characterize this behavior, it has been suggested that raindrop arrival times may be well described by fractal statistics. Two-Dimensional Video Disdrometer data with millisecond resolution was used to construct an ensemble of time series, each of which was associated with a small range of drop diameters for an individual storm. The monofractal dimension was determined for each of these time series. It is apparent that the fractal dimension has a clear dependence on drop size. This drop size dependence, as well as storm to storm variabilitiy, is explored.