North Pole Tropopause Jet Streaks, a Climatological and Case Perspective.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014: 10:50 AM
Andrea A. Lopez Lang, SUNY at Albany, Albany, NY, United States
Tropopause jet streaks are dynamically active transient features found along a tropopause waveguide and exist in the extratropical latitudes throughout the year. Occasionally, the coupled evolution between weather systems and jet streaks produce extreme wave activity along the waveguide permitting strong jet streaks to meander to latitudes they are not typically found. This talk will examine such occurrences, specifically, when strong tropopause jet streaks are present over the North Pole. A climatological (1979-2013) analysis suggests that the annual frequency of strong tropopause jet wind speeds over the pole is decreasing with time. This talk will examine the seasonality of North Pole tropopause jet streak occurrence and the potential link to the Arctic Dipole pattern. This talk will also explore the implication of North Pole tropopause jet streak events from a case study perspective.