Utilizing Precipitation Data Sets and Quantifying Associated Uncertainties in Hydrometeorological and Climate Impact Applications III Posters

Friday, 19 December 2014: 1:40 PM-6:00 PM
Chairs:  Paul A Kucera, NCAR, Boulder, CO, United States and Ali Behrangi, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, United States
Primary Conveners:  Paul A Kucera, NCAR, Boulder, CO, United States
Co-conveners:  Ali Behrangi, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, United States, Yudong Tian, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, United States and Emad H Habib, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, United States
OSPA Liaisons:  Emad H Habib, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, United States

Abstracts Submitted to this Session:

Restructuring of high-resolution satellite precipitation products for hydrological modeling
Chia-Jeng Chen and Sharika U S Senarath, AIR Worldwide San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States
Errors of Remapping of Radar Estimates onto Cartesian Coordinates
Hatim Osman Sharif, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, United States and Fred L Ogden, Univ. of Wyoming - Dept 3295, Laramie, WY, United States
Quantifying Uncertainties in Rainfall Maps from Cellular Communication Networks
Manuel Felipe Rios Gaona1, Aart Overeem1, Hidde Leijnse2 and Remko Uijlenhoet1, (1)Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands, (2)Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, De Bilt, Netherlands
A Global Error Model for Satellite Precipitation Products
Viviana Maggioni, George Mason University Fairfax, Fairfax, VA, United States, Mathew Sapiano, University of Maryland, Bowie, MD, United States, Robert F Adler, University of Maryland College Park, College Park, MD, United States and George John Huffman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, United States
Study on Proper Sample Size for Multivariate Frequency Analysis for Rainfall Quantile
Kyungwon Joo1, Woosung Nam2, Soyung Choi2 and Jun-Haeng Heo2, (1)Yonsei University, Seodaemun, South Korea, (2)Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Uncertainty Analysis Using BMA for Hydrologic Projections under Future Climate Change
Ehsan Beigi, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, United States and Frank T-C Tsai, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA, United States
High-resolution climate data over conterminous US using random forest algorithm
Hirofumi Hashimoto, California State University Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA, United States, Ramakrishna R Nemani, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, United States and Weile Wang, CSUMB & NASA/AMES, Seaside, CA, United States
The Hershfield Factor Revisited
Simon Michael Papalexiou, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Marousi Athens, Greece and Yannis G Dialynas, Georgia Institute of Technology Main Campus, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Atlanta, GA, United States
Evaluation of Uncertainty in Precipitation Datasets for New Mexico, USA
Abebe A Besha, Caitriana M Steele and Alexander Fernald, New Mexico State Univ, Las Cruces, NM, United States
Intercomparison of Precipitation and Soil Moisture Products in a Semi-Arid Area
Susan Stillman and Xubin Zeng, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, United States
On the Characterization of Rainfall Associated with U.S. Landfalling North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Based on Satellite Data and Numerical Weather Prediction Outputs
Beda Nidhi Luitel, IIHR—Hydroscience and Engineering, Iowa City, IA, United States, Gabriele Villarini, The University of Iowa, IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, Iowa City, IA, United States and Gabriel Andres Vecchi, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ, United States
Rainfall Generated By The Incidence Of Two Simultaneous Tropical Cyclones In Mexico
Diana Carolina Fernandez, José A Breña-Naranjo and Adrián Pedrozo-Acuña, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Institute of Engineering, Mexico, Mexico
A New Method to estimate Daily Tropical Cyclone Precipitation from the GHCND Rain Gauges
Laiyin Zhu1, Steven M Quiring2 and Seth D Guikema1, (1)Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, United States, (2)Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, United States
Development of Sub-Daily Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) Curves for Major Urban Areas in India
Haider Ali and Vimal Mishra, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, 382, India
The Use of Radar-Based Products for Deriving Extreme Rainfall Frequencies Using Regional Frequency Analysis with Application in South Louisiana
Hisham A El-Dardiry and Emad H Habib, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, United States
Multiresolution comparison of precipitation datasets for large-scale models
Kwok Pan Chun1, Gonzalo Sapriza Azuri1, Bruce Davison2, Chris Michael DeBeer1 and Howard S Wheater1, (1)University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, (2)Environment Canada, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Improving the Canadian Precipitation Analysis Estimates through an Observing System Simulation Experiment
Kian Abbasnezhadi, Peter F Rasmussen and Tricia Stadnyk, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Spatial and temporal long-term variation of environmental isotopes composition of precipitation and climate change in Azores Archipelago (Portugal)
Paulo Antunes1,2, David F Boutt1 and Francisco Rodrigues3, (1)University of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Geosciences, Amherst, MA, United States, (2)Azores University, Angra do Heroismo, Portugal, (3)Azores University, Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal
Radio-Occultation and Heavy Precipitation aboard the PAZ orbiter (ROHP-PAZ) and its Ground-Based campaign
Ramon Padulles1, Estel Cardellach1, Sergio Tomás1, Manuel De La Torre Juarez2, Joe Turk2 and Chi O Ao2, (1)Institute for Space Sciences (ICE - CSIC/IEEC), Barcelona, Spain, (2)NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, United States
Observation of Southward Shift of the North Pacific Intertropical Convergence Zone
Long Chiu, GMU, Fairfax, VA, United States and Si Gao, NUIST Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, China
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