Ionization, Charging and Electric Field Effects on Cloud Particles in the CLOUD Experiment

Leonid Nichman1, Emma Järvinen2, Robert Wagner3, James Dorsey4, António Miguel Dias5, Sebastian Ehrhart5, Jasper Kirkby6, Martin William Gallagher4, Clive P Saunders7 and CLOUD Collaboration, (1)National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada, (2)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany, (3)University of Helsinki, Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Physics, Helsinki, Finland, (4)University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom, (5)CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland, (6)CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research, Physics, Geneva, Switzerland, (7)University of Manchester, Manchester, M13, United Kingdom