Oh, the Places We'll Go! Exploring the Ocean with Technology

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Session Description:
Please join the Ocean Sciences and Underwater Operations communities to discuss increasing common ground and vision of ocean exploration.

Ocean exploration has been inextricably linked with technology. Marching on from a bucket, Secchi disk and a spyglass to ROVs, satellites and sensors, we keep moving forward developing methods to look deeper and with more detail to improve our understanding of the ocean.

This session will cover the current uses of technologies such as instruments and sensors, sonar and acoustics, manned submersibles commercial diving, ROVs, AUVs and UUVs and where future applications and developments can further the advancement of ocean exploration.

Primary Contact:  Liesl A Hotaling, Eidos Education/Marine Technology Society, Highlands, NJ, United States
Presenters:  William Douglas Wilson, Caribbean Wind LLC, Baltimore, MD, United States, Richard W Spinrad, NOAA Washington DC, Washington, DC, United States, James G Bellingham, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Watsonville, CA, United States, Victor Zykov, Schmidt Ocean Institute, Palo alto, CA, United States and Jyotika I Virmani, X PRIZE Foundation, Playa Vista, CA, United States
  • HI - Human Use and Impacts
  • IS - Instrumentation & Sensing Technologies
  • OD - Ocean Observing and Data Management
  • O - Other

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