A holistic discussion on the impacts of seawater desalination on the marine environment: research, monitoring and the connection to plant operation

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Promote the exchange of knowledge on the impacts of seawater desalination on the marine environment as well as ideas on how to integrate methodologies in this clearly multidisciplinary field. Large scale seawater desalination is now a fast-growing industry worldwide driven by the increasing need for potable water and technological advance. However, the long-term environmental impacts of desalination on the marine ecosystem have been poorly documented. Among the possible effects are entrainment and impingement of organisms at the intake, changes in the physico-chemical environment at the brine outfall (including chemicals used in the desalination process), and shifts in the biological communities.
Presenters:  Nurit Kress, IOLR, Haifa, Israel, Nadine Heck, University of California Santa Cruz, Institute of Marine Sciences, Santa Cruz, CA, United States and Ilana Berman-Frank, Bar Ilan University, Mina and Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, Ramat Gan, Israel

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