Moving Beyond Planning to Implementation: Open-Source Tools from the Geoscience Community and Unidata for Data Management

Session ID#: 7609

Session Description:
This tutorial will review data management planning requirements from key federal geo-science funding agencies (NASA, NOAA, NSF) along with  free and open-source resources from the community and Unidata that support implementation of data management plans guided by best practices. There are many useful existing projects producing tools related to the submission of a data management plan. This tutorial is distinct form those efforts; however, in that it moves beyond the planning or proposal stage to focus on identifying tools that can be utilized during the full life of a project to meet both the requirements of the federal funding agencies and the best practices of the data management community.
Moderator:  Steven G Ackleson, S A Ocean Services, Falls Church, VA, United States
Primary Presenter:  Joshua Wellzie Young, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Unidata, Boulder, CO, United States
  • ED - Education and Outreach
  • OD - Ocean Observing and Data Management
  • P - Policy