Going with the Flow:  Lagrangian Oceanography using Acoustically Tracked Subsurface Floats

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Session Description:
Lagrangian observations have contributed significantly to our understanding of the structure of basin-scale ocean circulation, mesoscale and submesoscale eddies and boundary currents, as well as dispersion and mixing processes. Since the development of the SOFAR (Sound fixing and Ranging) float 50 years ago, the technology for acoustically tracking floats (and water parcels) over long distances (up to 1000s of kilometers) in the deep ocean has become easier to use and more cost-effective. In this tutorial, the current state of the technology, data processing tools, a new data archive  and recent examples of results emerging from subsurface float observations will be presented. Additionally, on-going development efforts that will accommodate more sensors  and an auto-ballasting feature will be described. Time will be allotted for an open discussion of new applications of the acoustic float tracking technology.
Moderator:  Baris Salihoglu, Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine Sciences, Mersin, Turkey
Primary Presenter:  Amy S Bower, WHOI, Woods Hole, MA, United States
Presenter:  Heather H Furey, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, United States
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4262 Ocean observing systems [OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL]
4532 General circulation [OCEANOGRAPHY: PHYSICAL]
4594 Instruments and techniques [OCEANOGRAPHY: PHYSICAL]
  • PO - Physical Oceanography/Ocean Circulation