R: A Software System for Oceanographic Work at the Interface

Session ID#: 9628

Session Description:
It is increasingly common in Oceanography to (a) use a wide range of instrument types within a given experiment, (b) combine the results of many experiments to answer new overarching questions, (c) work in teams that cross disciplinary boundaries and (d) integrate data with models. These are all interfacing issues. This workshop will address modern software tools that are well-suited to such tasks, focussing on the open-source R language. This language provides an interface to cutting-edge statistical procedures, saving oceanographers from reinventing wheels. Through its "oce" package, R can import dozens of quirky oceanographic data formats and produce graphs that obey oceanographic convention, which further simplifies the analysis effort. Through practical examples, the tutorial will lay out how oceanographers can use R to accomplish the wide-ranging tasks that stem from work at the interface.
Moderator:  Steven G Ackleson, S A Ocean Services, Falls Church, VA, United States
Primary Presenter:  Clark Richards, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Canada; RBR Ltd., Ottawa, ON, Canada
Presenter:  Dan E Kelley, Dalhousie University, Oceanography, Halifax, NS, Canada
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