Societal Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Management (BDM) for Management of Marine And Coastal Hazards: Case study for Under Graduate Research Project.

Somesh Patil, Sandip University, Nashik, India, Nashik,422213,India, India, Pasquale De Toro, Director, Interdepartmental Research Center in Urban Planning ‘Alberto Calza Bini’, The University of Naples ‘Federico II’,Italy, Napoli, Italy and Maria Cerreta, The University of Naples ‘Federico II’,Italy, Professor of Environmental Assessment and Evaluation, Naples, Italy
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Management (BDM) are being used for societal information. These technologies are found suitable for empowering the society in managing marine risk and hazards. This presentation reviews the status and issues of Geo-risks, marine risks along coast focusing on technical issues, problems and damage arising from the extreme floods, tsunami in agriculture, aquaculture, irrigation, drinking water, coastal and marine ecosystems, coastal infrastructure and coastal economic systems. This under graduate research study project signifies that climate changes and risk management, Geo disasters, Marine Biodiversity loss and Tsunami education is needed for mitigating potential Geo-marine risks in this region for capacity building for climate changes and rehabilitation issues based on local resources and technologies for Integrated Coastal Zone Management. The undergraduate research project also explore the issues concerned with achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability through corporate strategies and innovative geosciences information delivery to coastal and marine communities and Tsunami education for the affected communities for their early rehabilitation. The presentation also discusses role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Management (BDM) and Information Technology along with its application for minimizing marine hazards and risk for sustainability aspects that deal with coastal and marine water resources development, management and Tsunami disaster management planning.