Aeromagnetometry of the El Papalote H12A-13 Chart Northwestern Sonora, México: Relationships to Regional Geology and Mineral Deposits

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Silvia Martinez-Retama1, Efrén Pérez – Segura1 and Ricardo Vega-Granillo2, (1)University of Sonora, Sonora, Mexico, (2)University of Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico
This study is focused in obtaining a geophysical-geological characterization of magnetic anomalies associated with outcropping or buried rock bodies and its possible relation to ore deposits. To do this, total field aeromagnetic data from the Mexican Geological Survey were processed. Reduction to pole and residual anomaly maps show two main elongated dipolar high-amplitude anomalies, a first NE-SW directed, which is located in the NW portion of the card, and a second corresponding to a belt with NW-SE direction that is located SW of the chart, near the eastern region of the "El Elegante" volcano. Above structures have not been mapped in the surface; however, the well-defined magnetic anomalies indicate its existence below Quaternary sediments.

The geology of the chart is only partially known. The outcropping units, mostly in the Sierra de Los Tanques, are Paleoproterozoic igneous and metamorphic rocks; Permian-Triassic granitoids; and Jurassic and Tertiary volcanic and volcanosedimentary rocks. About 50% of the card is covered by Quaternary sediments, there the interest of these geophysical studies.

The NW-SE oriented deep magnetic anomaly follows the same direction as the Sierra San Francisco (SSF) located south of Los Norteños chart H12A-2. This mountain is composed of Paleoproterozoic metamorphic rocks intruded by Upper Cretaceous granitoids. Numerous mineral manifestations of orogenic gold type occurred in that range. This anomaly can be interpreted in 2 ways: first: as a NW extension of a landform similar to the SSF, which dips to NW or that is more erosionated; or; second: as an extension of the SSF to the NW displaced by a normal fault oriented ~N60E, roughly following the Palo Fierro creek indicated on the map.

Either of the two possible interpretations, the magnetic anomaly indicates an interesting target in the search of orogenic gold deposits that could be buried in the area.