A comparative study of the triple oxygen analyses of dissolved oxygen in a fresh water system (Feitsui reservoir) and South China Sea at SEATS station

Friday, 19 December 2014
Hana Jurikova1, Tania Guha1 and Mao-Chang Liang2, (1)Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, (2)Academia Sinica, Research Center for Environmental Changes, Taipei, Taiwan
We report the first insight into the stable isotopic composition of dissolved O2 from the Feitsui Reservoir, which supplies drinking water for millions of people living in Taipei, Taiwan. In addition, first observations on 17Δ from a cruise to South China Sea (the long-term station SEATS) in 2013 were also included for comparison. A regular sampling effort for collection of water samples from the Feitsui Reservoir was initiated in May 2014. The 17Δ of dissolved O2 from water samples was assessed to examine its spatial variations, variability over time and to estimate the gross oxygen production rates (GOP). Primary productivity estimated from the dissolved O2 will be compared to that from 14C. Results and implications will be presented and discussed.