The Wireless Data Acquisition System for the Vibration Table

Monday, 15 December 2014
Yun-tian Teng and Xingxing Hu, Institute of Geophysics, China Eathquake Administration, Beijing, China
The vibration table is a large-scaled tool used for inspecting the performance of seismometers. The output from a seismometer on the table can be directly monitored when the vibration table moves in certain pattern. Compared with other inspection methods, inspecting seismometers’ performance indicators (frequency response, degree of linearity, sensitivity, lateral inhibition and dynamic range etc). using vibration tables is more intuitive. Therefore, the vibration tables are an essential testing part in developing new seismometers and seismometer quality control. Whereas, in practice, a cable is needed to connect the seismometer to the ground equipments for its signal outputs and power supply, that means adding a time-varying nonlinear spring between the vibration table and ground. The cable adds nonlinear feature to the table, distorts the table-board movement and bring extra errors to the inspecting work and affected the testing accuracy and precision.

In face of this problem, we developed a wireless acquiring system for the vibration table. The system is consisted of a three-channel analog-to-digital conversion, an acquisition control part, local data storage, network interface, wireless router and power management, etc. The analog-to-digital conversion part uses a 24-digit high-precision converter, which has a programmable amplifier at the front end of its artificial circuit, with the function of matching outputs with different amplifier from the vibration table. The acquisition control part uses a 32 bit ARM processor, with low-power dissipation, minute extension and high performance. The application software platform is written in Linux to make the system convenient for multitasking work. Large volume local digital storage is achieved by a 32G SD card, which is used for saving real time acquired data. Data transmission is achieved by network interface and wireless router, which can simplify the application software by the supported TCP/IP protocol. Besides, the acquisition system uses built-in power supply, which provides power to the system with Li-On rechargeable battery with high capacity, then all the cable link between the vibration table and the ground equipment have been removed. With all these changes, the whole system is immobilized on board of the vibration table after being packaged.