Coronal Dynamics at Recent Total Solar Eclipses

Thursday, 18 December 2014
Jay M Pasachoff1, Muzhou Lu1, Allen B. Davis1,2, Marek Demianski1, Vojtech Rušin3, Metod Saniga3,4, Daniel B Seaton5, Robert Lucas6, Bryce A. Babcock1, Ron Dantowitz7, Pavlos Gaintatzis8, Christina H Seeger1, Craig Malamut9 and Amy Steele1,9, (1)Williams College, Williamstown, MA, United States, (2)Yale University, Astronomy, New Haven, CT, United States, (3)Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia, (4)University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, (5)Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium, (6)Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, (7)Clay Center Obs., Brookline, MA, United States, (8)Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, (9)Wesleyan University, Astronomy, Middletown, CT, United States
Our composite images of the solar corona based on extensive imaging at the total solar eclipses of 2010 (Easter Island), 2012 (Australia), and 2013 (Gabon) reveal several coronal mass ejections and other changes in coronal streamers and in polar plumes. Our resultant spatial resolution is finer than that available in imaging from spacecraft, including that from SOHO/LASCO or STEREO. We trace the eruptions back to their footpoints on the sun using imaging from SDO and SWAP, and follow them upwards through the corona, measuring velocities. The high-resolution computer compositing by Miloslav Druckmüller and Hana Druckmüllerová (2010 and 2013) and Pavlos Gaintatzis (2012) allows comparison of our images with those taken at intervals of minutes or hours along the totality path.

Williams College's 2013 eclipse expedition was supported in part by grant 9327-13 from National Geographic Society/Committee for Research and Exploration. Our work on the 2012 eclipse is supported in part by grant AGS-1047726 from Solar Terrestrial Research/NSF AGS. V.R. and M.S. were partially supported by the VEGA grant agency project 2/0098/10 and 2/0003/13 (Slovak Academy of Sciences) and Grant 0139-12 from NG/CRE, and Hana Druckmüllerová by grant 205/09/1469 of the Czech Science Foundation. M.L. was supported by Sigma Xi. C.M. was a Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Summer Fellow, supported at Williams College by REU/NSF grant AST-1005024. Partial support was provided by U.S. Department of Defense’s ASSURE program. J.M.P. thanks Caltech's Planetary Sciences Department for hospitality. Support for D.B.S. and SWAP came from PRODEX grant C90345 managed by ESA in collaboration with the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO) in support of the PROBA2/SWAP mission, and from the EC’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007–2013) under grant 218816 (SOTERIA project, SWAP is a project of the Centre Spatial de Liège and the Royal Observatory of Belgium funded by BELSPO.