Detection of Trace Gases in Biomass Burning Plumes via Infrared Spectroscopy: Updates and Uses of the Northwest Infrared Database (NWIR)

Friday, 19 December 2014
Timothy Jay Johnson, Carolyn S Brauer, Thomas A Blake, Steven W Sharpe, Robert L Sams and Russell G Tonkyn, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA, United States
The Northwest Infrared Database (NWIR) contains quantitative, gas-phase infrared spectra of nearly 500 pure chemical species, including over 60 molecules that are known or suspected biomass-burning effluents. The data, recorded at 0.1 cm-1 resolution, are pressure broadened to one atmosphere (N2) and each 25 oC spectrum is a composite composed of a minimum of ten individual measurements. Examples from this set of measurements will be presented and experimental details will be discussed in the context of the utility of NWIR for biomass-burning studies.