ICME Shock Accelerated Seps Transport in 3-D Heliospheric Magnetic Fields: Simulations and Multi Spacecraft Observations in Solar Cycle 24

Thursday, 18 December 2014: 11:35 AM
Gang Qin and Yang Wang, NSSC National Space Science Center, CAS, Beijing, China
In solar cycle 24, solar energetic particles (SEPs) are measured by multi-spacecraft at different locations, e.g., STEREO A and B, and ACE. Interplanetary observers located on the opposite sides of the Sun may or may not be connected to the ICME shock by the IMF. And the connected observers may also be connected to different parts of an ICME. In this work, we will numerically solve the Fokker-Planck transport equation to get the fluxes of SEPs accelerated by ICME shocks. In addition, we will compare our simulation results with SEP observations of different spacecraft, e.g., STEREO A and B, and ACE, during solar cycle 24. The simulation and data analysis together can improve our understanding of SEPs acceleration and transport mechanism.